The Munich startup Volabo presents a world novelty at the Austrian Boat Show in Tulln. The first electric boat that can generate up to 50 kilowatts at safe voltages of 48 volts. Until now, high performance has meant high voltages of up to 800 volts. But this is not ideal, especially on water. The demonstration boat contains the 48-volt high-performance drive ISCAD (Intelligent Stator Cage Drive) developed by Volabo. The first products will be available at the end of 2020 and are ideal for motor boats up to 22 feet and sailing boats up to 55 feet. The demonstration boat can be seen at the Austrian Boat Show in Tulln from 5 to 8 March in Hall 3, Stand 308.

Volabo’s electric drive ISCAD (Intelligent Stator Cage Drive) is characterised by the fact that very high drive power can be demonstrated at safe voltages of 48 volts. This provides unique safety and reduces the effort required throughout the entire electrical system. Installation and maintenance no longer requires highly trained personnel. A major difference to conventional electric motors is also the design of the stator, the fixed part of the motor. Instead of windings, the electric drive ISCAD uses bars that form a kind of cage. “Due to the construction with the stator cage, the motor is highly redundant, which makes it very robust,” explains Managing Director Adrian Patzak.

The demonstration boat was built together with My-Electroboat and has a length of 22 feet and a continuous output of 50 kilowatts. The fourth generation of the ISCAD prototype was installed in the demonstration boat. The final boat product will be delivered even more compact, efficient and lighter than the prototype at the trade fair, Volabo announced. Patzak comments: “With ISCAD we want to start where today high-voltage systems for higher drive power have to be installed in the boat. We don’t want to offer another 48 volt drive for small outputs, but rather to start where it is currently only possible to electrify a boat with high-voltage systems. The first product will have a continuous output of 50 kilowatts. “This output is ideal for motorboats in the 22 foot range or sailing yachts up to 55 feet. We are planning to add more products in the future to increase performance. It is also conceivable to use two engines in one boat.”