Up to now, high performance meant high voltages of up to 800 volts. But this is not optimal, especially on water, so Volabo is taking a different approach. The company developed an electric drive which can provide high power at safe to touch voltages of 48 volts. This innovative drive is now going into series production and will be delivered by the end of the year. ISCAD V50 with a rated output of 50 kilowatts, can be ordered now. Prices for the electric drive are available on request.

With a safe to touch voltage of 48 Volt the drive provides a Peak power of 80 kW and a nominal power of 50 kW. ISCAD V50 will be approved for use in the boating sector according to the Recreational Craft Directive and is suitable for use in motor boats and sailing yachts. Due to a particularly reinforced end shield, the motor can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. It is therefore suitable for the electrification of saildrives, Outboards, shaft drives and Z-drives. “With a length of only 265.5 mm and a diameter of 254 mm, the drive including controller fits easily into a beer crate,” says managing director Adrian Patzak. He further explains: “In addition, the drive including integrated controller is much lighter than comparable models at 45 kg”.

A low-voltage system has many advantages over a high-voltage system. A voltage of 48 volts is so low that in principle contact is possible without risk. Contact with a high-voltage system, on the other hand, can be life-threatening if appropriate safety precautions are not taken. In addition, the wiring and clamping technology for low-voltage systems is much simpler compared to high-voltage systems. Integration and maintenance are possible at 48 volts without special high-voltage training and no regular high-voltage technical inspection is required for the boat sector. Due to the low induced voltage, low-voltage semiconductors can be used in ISCAD V50, which are particularly efficient.

After 6 years of development work and the set-up of four motor generations, the fifth, completely optimised motor generation is now going into series production. “We are very pleased to launch our first certified product. ISCAD V50 is the world’s first series-produced electric drive that can generate a continuous output of 50 kilowatts at safe to touch voltages of 48 volts,” says Patzak. Volabo GmbH has already received numerous awards for its innovation, including the German Mobility Award 2018 from the Federal Ministry of Transport, the Create the Future Design Award 2018 from the renowned Tech Briefs and the Handelsblatt Energy Award 2018.
In 2019, one of the largest Swabian family-owned companies, the Hechinger Group, joined Volabo as an investor. Together they produce the new ISCAD V50 drive at the highest quality and industry standard.