The young company has been operating on the market under the name ‘Volabo’ for almost 4 years now. First as a development service provider for the ISCAD technology they developed, now as a producer of the world’s first 48 Volt electric motors with 50 kilowatts in series production. As the company now announced, it has made a change of name: from 20 July 2020, the company will appear to the outside world only under the name ‘Molabo’. The reason for this is the objection of a large corporation against the brand name Volabo.

“When we registered the brand name ‘Volabo’, we did all the necessary background checks with the help of our lawyers. Everything looked good”, says Patzak, “but of course things don’t always go as planned”. Within a period of three months from the date of publication of the registration of a trademark, opposition can be filed. “On the last day of the period, an opposition was filed against the name ‘Volabo'”, Patzak reported. The proceedings lasted 2.5 years. In the end, the decision was in favour of the opponent. “As a young company, you usually don’t have much of a chance against the legal departments of such large corporations”, comments Patzak.

The new name for the company is Molabo. The name stands for “Motor Laboratory” and creates a connection to the roots of the company, which was founded at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich. The homepage is now available at The new logo was designed in the style of the old one, with the white lines in the M symbolising the bars of the stator cage developed by Molabo. Molabo uses bars instead of windings in the stator, the fixed part of the electric motor.

The company is not letting the change of name take the wind out of its sails. With a new name, its first product is also coming onto the market: the ISCAD V50 electric drive. The drive is qualified according to the sports boat directive and weighs just 45 kilograms including controller. The drive can be ordered now and the first units will already be available in December 2020. Together with Hechinger, Molabo produces the new ISCAD V50 drive to the highest quality and industry standard.