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Our Mission is to provide safe-to-touch low-voltage e-solutions to enable sustainable mobility worldwide. Driven by this mission we founded MOLABO in 2016. Today, we have an experienced team of engineers, technicians, and industry experts who are developing and manufacturing the world’s first high power electric drive at safe-to-touch voltages of 48V.



Dr.-Ing. Florian Bachheibl

Florian oversees the technical area and production of ISCAD. As a passionate water sports enthusiast, he wants to drive innovation to reconcile water sports with a responsible approach to our planet.

Adrian Patzak

Adrian is in charge of the areas of corporate strategy, legal & marketing. His goal is to make e-mobility safe and accessible to everyone.

Prof. Dieter Gerling

Prof. Gerling is an experienced founder and professor at the Institute of Electrical Drives at the University of Federal Defense, Munich. With his expertise, he supports MOLABO as a strategic advisor.


In addition to having a great enthusiasm for MOLABO, our international team has a wide range of skills and experience. We all share the same vision: Shaping the transition to simple e-mobility.


50+ patents filed, 10+ granted worldwide Project revenues since 2016 Serial product revenues 20+ projects with suppliers and OEMs in China
and the EU


After having been self-financed since our foundation in 2016, we had our first financing round in 2019. The Hechinger Group invested a seven-digit sum to finance the product development for a market entry in the boat sector.

With the Hechinger Group as a strategic investor the product development was completed. As an experienced production partner, Hechinger takes over part of the motor production and thus ensures outstanding quality. Furthermore, Hechinger contributes its expertise in the areas of industrialization, qualification and development.

The Hechinger Group is one of the larger family businesses in Germany. The product range includes the development and production of customer-specific magnet systems as well as mechatronic and electronic assemblies.


July 2020

March 2020

August 2019

The second Democar

For our second democar we used a Geely Emgrand EV. We removed the whole HV system and replaced it by a 48 V battery and our ISCAD. The new VOLABO car is now successfully driven on the test track.

June 2019

Our 4th Prototype

Generation 4 of the ISCAD is considerably more compact than its predecessor, as the size and weight of the power electronics have been reduced by more than 50 percent. In addition, the power electronics, which contains the central intelligence of the electric motor, has been significantly improved. Since the power electronics are now based on significantly more compact modules, the appropriate number of modules can be mounted depending on the power class of the drive.

September 2018

Our Democar is driving

That’s exactly what we did! We implemented the ISCAD drive into a VW Touran so it became a VOLABO e-car. In August we could proudly watch it make its maiden voyage, powered only by our ISCAD engine!

September 2017

Our 3rd Prototype

The great work of our engineers brought us a decisive step closer to our goal. We built a 110 kW prototype which was so compact that it could be integrated into a car.

June 2017


Our team continues to develop and the premises at the university slowly became too small. So we escaped the nest and moved into the light-flooded offices of the Ottobrunn office park. The location was perfect for us, as we were still close to the university to use the laboratories and the test track.

August 2016

Our 2nd Prototype

With the 2nd prototype we were already able to produce 150 kW. Previously open questions were now clarified and we had the confidence that the technology would work.

July 2016

The Foundation

In 2016 we founded VOLABO GmbH together with Prof. Gerling, who holds an indirect stake via DNCL GmbH. Prof. Gerling brought both founding experience and a large network to our team. VOLABO got a recognizable face with the VOLABO  “V” and the beautiful VOLABO-purple. VOLABO is Latin for “I’ll fly” and that’s exactly what we wanted – to take off!

July 2015

Our 1st Prototype

The first prototype was still very unwieldy. We had to put the electronics in a refrigerator and we could not drive high performances yet; BUT: it served its purpose as a technology demonstrator. We were able to show that the pole pair switching works.

December 2014

The 1st publication in Florence

At the International Electric Vehicle Conference in the beautiful city of Florence, we published our first scientific paper on stator cages. We received a lot of attention for this disruptive approach and also first recommendations to found a company. At that time, however, there were still many open questions, which we were only able to answer in the following two years.

April 2014

January 2013

How it all started

The “big idea” arose at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich at the Department of Electric Drives and Actuators of Professor Gerling. The chair is constantly looking for possibilities to improve electric drives. There we – Adrian and Florian – met during our PhD and for the first time we came in contact with Dr. Dajaku’s idea: with the help of a stator cage a 48 V high performance drive could be possible.